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Detiem Communications Web Strategy design development marketing cincinnati OHDetiem Communications
, started in small business web design in 1996 in Cincinnati OH, was founded to help small and medium size businesses with Web Strategy and Web Design.  We offer all the web design services you need for your web strategy design; web graphic design, web development design, website implementation, website launch and website marketing.  Web strategy involves all aspects of of implementing a web site. 

Detiem Communications has assisted numerous small and medium sized business design their website in and affordable way.  Our Web Design is based on years of design and technology experience.  In addition to the technology and web design experience, we also boast over 20 years of sales  and business development experience.  This will ensure your website does what it was designed to do, sell your business, school, idea or product.

Services You can use!
Detiem Communications
web design services can help you throughout your entire Web Design Process from start to finish.  The breadth of experience allows us to assist in any size web design project.  Our solutions are provided by our in house staff as well as through our network of providers web design professionals.  This includes;

  • Web Strategy Design

  • Social Networking Consulting

  • Web Design

  • Web Content Management Design

  • Ecommerce Design front and back end integration

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Graphic Design

  • And more!!

Detiem Communications also assists larger corporations both in and outside of Cincinnati with complete high end web strategy and design using custom ASP.NET ecommerce solutions, many clients we've helped with a web strategy and design operate ecommerce web sites with annual revenues of over $20mil per year.  So whatever size solution you need, Detiem Communications can help.

Social Networking? We can help!

I often have people ask me "what is Social Media", "how can it help my business?", or "it wouldn't work with my business.

Check out this presentation on social networking and why it's important, Loved it so much I embedded it here.  Please view it!

Schools Look Here!
Detiem Communications Cincinnati OH web strategy design development and marketingDetiem Communications has offered web strategy and web design for years, and is now very excited to offer a brand new low cost affordable solution for Schools and the Education market.  Web design can be a daunting task, but for schools what is even more important, is to be able to easily edit and update information on your website, content management.  Detiem Communications has the web design solution for schools that is both affordable and functional.  Detiem Communications has adopted the open source Joomlasolution.  Joomla has numerous options.  Contact us today for a complete online demo of the content management system and how easy your web design, strategy and maintenance can be.  If your organization is in Cincinnati, we would be happy to come and give a complete live presentation for your school or organization. If you are located outside of Cincinnati we would be happy to share an online demonstration with you.

Need a speaker at your event?
Our talented pool of business executives are in high demand on the speaking circuit.  Should you be interested in a keynote or seminar on the technology of today and tomorrow in addition to our Founder, Dan Marshall, we have numerous business leaders with whom we work who deliver seminars and speeches ranging from technology, Business Developments, Sales Training, Motivation and more.  We have seminars both informative and motivational in the following areas: Web Design, Web Strategy, Web Marketing, Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), Ecommerce, ASP.NET, Joomla, and of course and entire motivational series helping motivate your team to get up and do something!  8more info

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