A great jump-start to get you up and rolling in the Social Networking arena, plus a full year support!

Social Networking is something that comes naturally, setting up all those social networks and managing them is not. We help you to leverage a number of tools to make updates consistent and easy to do. Creating a proper strategy helps ensure that you make the most of the power of Social Networks. You will be able to target real-time, targeted, hot prospects matching your custom search. By developing you Social Network you will reach beyond you own list to those of your followers and friends. We will make sure that you are familiar with creating effective strategies so you can get your message across. Including; how to set-up and create a landing page, short-urls, bit.ly links, add friends and followers and use tools to update all your social networks from a single source. Included in the standard package is a one-year agreement. We will be there to assist you when you need help, set-up users or landing pages, and basically act as your Social Networking partner. Detiem provides that service in a simple annual contract. What we provide:
  • Full year service agreement
  • Set-up of Social Networks (up to 4)
  • Social Networking Strategy, Consulting, and recommendations
  • Social Network account optimization
  • Customization of SN pages
  • Set-up of Support tools for upgrading*
  • Monthly SN recommendations
  • Implementation
* some tools may require a subscription Source: Social Networking Package Detiem Communications.pdf – Google Drive

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