Complete new business Strategy!

Entero Energy provides energy solutions to commercial clients.  I helped them completely update their Strategy, brand, website, and sales process.  I also helped by taking a large amount of customer data and combining it all into a customized CRM to better track their sales and sales potential.

Here’s all that was done at Entero Energy;

  • New Entero Energy site I provided complete web strategy and implementation

    Screentshot of the New Entero Energy site

    Business Consulting
  • Zoho Customization and Implementation (CRM)
  • Zoho Training
  • Project Management
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design and Implementation (WordPress
  • Sales Presentation and RFP Prpopsal design
  • SEO Work
  • Social Network Integration
  • Graphic Design Web Graphics, Internet Advertising Logo and more
  • Service Agreement
I worked with Entero for 6 months as acting COO to revamp their sales process and approach.  Integrating Zoho into their daily routine resulted in much more accurate projections and funnel management.  It also allowed a team that was all over the country to better share information. Rebranding Entero was essential.  The old website and logo did not reflect the modern technology they were selling nor show the size of the organization. Becoming a part of the company allowed me to thoroughly understand their business and needs. We worked together to hone their message and make sure it was clear in all their Marketing.  Email marketing was also a large part of this push.  Implementing a merge email auto-response program resulted in excellent feedback from constituents.  We were able to preset dozens of meeting at a national convention with a simple 2 paragraph email sent to the provided attendee list.  In A/B testing our email campaign created a 600% improvement in response compared to the previous approach. I also helped to acquire new branded products to help promote the organization.  This is all part of marketing and another area we can help! Learn more about how we can help your organization!

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