Nielsen and Foursquare study commissioned by Twitter shows ad effectiveness and new insights about Twitter audiences. How does online advertising affect offline sales? It’s become one of the most important questions for marketers to answer, as brands with brick-and-mortar stores respond to the explosive growth of e-commerce. One-third of US adults who are smartphone users will buy a new device in the next year, so it’s even more important for telcos to understand their audience to help ensure their message reaches a relevant and receptive audience to have an influence over those new purchases. For the telco industry, understanding audience demographics and targeting is vital to optimizing both online and offline sales. With this in mind, we worked with Nielsen and Foursquare1 to assess Twitter’s impact on telco sales, to dig deep into the personas of telco buyers, and to give brand marketers a better understanding of how (and when) to reach them. Source: Research reveals how online advertising can drive offline telco sales – Twitter Marketing

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